About Princeton Identity

The evolution of technology has redefined security for individuals, businesses and entire nations. As technology advances, individuals no longer perceive safety and privacy as a luxury, but as a standard. Global organizations recognize the need to secure valuable data and authenticate individual access, yet they struggle to find a system that offers the power they need. The security industry has historically dealt with a push and pull that pitted accuracy and reliability against ease and convenience – biometric identity management will end that tradeoff for good.

Princeton Identity believes in a future powered by invisible security powered by biometrics, enabling seamless transactions, movement and entry. PI will create Identity-as-a-Service where individuals can use their personal biometrics – regardless of device, location or circumstance – to do things like access their money, belongings and even pull up their health and financial records.

Princeton Identity Legacy

Princeton Identity Inc. was formerly a division of SRI International marketed under the SRI Identity brand. SRI and SRI Identity have had a long and successful history of delivering leading-edge technology going back to the roots of the company in Stanford University, RCA Labs, and Sarnoff Labs, where many familiar technologies were born. Some of these technologies have become household items, including color television, the computer mouse, and Siri (licensed to Apple). Others have had broader impact, such as ground-scanning satellites, automated check processing, medical devices and cancer-fighting drugs.

Recent work in biometric technologies was applied to a wide range of government and commercial needs, as well as for mainstream applications. It is this recent work, and its potential applications to the general security market and other related markets that led to the formation of Princeton Identity.

Reimagining biometrics to simplify identity management

2017 Events

HIMSS 2017 February 19-23 Orlando Booth 886

ISC West 2017 April 5-7 Las Vegas Booth 7079

Connect ID May 1-3 Washington DC Booth 206

NextTech May 11 Holmdel, NJ

KNOW Identity Conference May 15-17 Washington DC

NEACC May 18 Marlborough, MA

FindBiometrics Physical Access Biometrics Month (Webinar) May 31

IFSEC 2017 June 20-22 London Booth E1350

GIS 2017 September 12-14 Washington DC Booth 512

ASIS 2017 September 25-28 Dallas Booth 2847


April 4, 2017: Princeton Identity Introduces IOM Access200, Identity Management for Easy Access Control and Increased Security

Multimodal and multifactor biometric technology offers the most secure and convenient security solution. Read more

March 30, 2017: Princeton Identity Iris Recognition Featured in Samsung S8

With Princeton Identity’s iris recognition technology, consumers can easily unlock their phones with a quick glance at their device, making the Galaxy S8 one of the most secure smartphones. Read more

December 1, 2016: Princeton Identity Upgrades Access Control System with Biometric Iris Recognition at Elder Care Facility

Princeton Identity has recently implemented an iris recognition system at Brevillier Village, a long term care and independent residential/retirement facility in Erie, Pennsylvania, that will make access control procedures easier and more convenient for both residents and staff. Read more

November 1, 2016: Princeton Identity Named Outstanding Technology Development Company for 2016

Princeton Identity Inc., a leading innovator in biometric technologies, today announced that the company has been selected to receive the Outstanding Technology Development Company Award for 2016 by the New Jersey Tech Council. Read more

September 12, 2016: Princeton Identity Announces Agreement with Samsung

Princeton Identity Inc., announced an agreement to license their patented iris recognition technology to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for use in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and other mobile devices. Read more

August 29, 2016: Princeton Identity Launches as Independent New Venture from SRI International

Princeton Identity Inc., formerly a line of business of SRI International marketed under the SRI Identity brand, launched operation today as an independent company. Read more