Touchless Access

You don't need a card. You don't have to touch anything. Just get near the Access200™ and the Iris On the Move technology will give you the access you need.

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Nothing to Carry

Never leave home or work without your credential. Whether you need to be extra secure or make accessing secure doors more convenient, the Access200™ will keep things moving.

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Very Fast

Nobody likes to waste time trying to get a reader to grant access. The Access200™ will typically verify a user's iris within 2 seconds.

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Princeton Identity Iris Technology Featured in Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Note8, & Note9

Iris recognition technology offers increased convenience and security

Princeton Identity’s patented iris recognition technology is featured in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now consumers can easily unlock their phones with a quick glance at their device, making the Galaxy S8 one of the most secure smartphones.

Think about everything you do on your smartphone. From reading emails to making purchases, your mobile device needs to be secure but offer convenience as well. With a quick glance at the Samsung S8, users can unlock their phone in an easy and secure way, making this model one of the most secure smartphones on the market. Here’s why:

Passwords or pin codes (which are often forgotten and need regular updating) are no longer needed – in an instant, you can securely access your device.

Iris recognition captures 200 points of an iris – it’s extremely difficult to replicate since your iris is unique to you.

Iris recognition is up to 100,000 times more resistant to false positives than other forms of biometric security such as fingerprint scanning – consumers can finally trust that their phones are protected.

This partnership brings us one step closer to making iris recognition the standard for user authentication. In the future, expect to see this technology replace the smart phone’s traditional fingerprint method to provide a secure, reliable and easy way to unlock your device.


Biometric identification plays an important role in securing these environments!

As we begin to live our lives in the New Normal, many things are going to change. Every one of the markets below can take advanatge of Touchless Biometrics to secure their locations. See how the Iris On the Move Technology provides easy access, with more security (no sharing) and without changing the way people move throughout your location.

Higher Education

Athletes need easy access to many different areas on campus. Secure labs need two factor authentication for safety. Touchless payments can occur in the cafeteria in order to keep everyone safe.


Control access to protect areas of medical facilities that must maintain higher levels of security. Protect patient and staff identity, manage everything from records to location.


Quick, convenient access to buildings and controlled spaces with multimodal and high-throughput systems. Replaces existing identification cards.

Airports & Borders

Convenient experience throughout the terminal. Replace all forms of travel documentation with your unique physical attributes, which can be scanned at every airport checkpoint.

Financial & Banking

Strong authentication of employees and customers. Provides greater identity protection for customers and regulatory compliance for banks.