Access200™ - With Temperature Sensor


Access200 Reader

Access200™ with Temperature Sensor for Indoor Use.


The Access200™ with Temperature Sensor gives you security at your door. You can be sure that the door will not open if a person registers a fever. The process is very straightforward - First the Access200 will read the Iris of an individual and verify that they have the necessary credentials for the door. If they do, then they will be asked to present their fist under the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor will determine whether or not the individual has a fever or not. If they do not have a fever, the door will be unlocked. If a fever is detected, the door will remain locked. Every person who goes through the process is tracked and recorded for reporting information. Alerts can be set up, so that security personnel can be alerted when a fever is detected.


Capabilities & Features

• Includes High Assurance Boot

• AES encryption for all data at rest

• Physical tamper and liveness detection

• TLS 1.2 for network communication


• Verification and fever detection

• Fever Detection Alone


• Iris biometric

• Configurable PIN pad

• External card reader connection for 2 factor authentication