Access200™ - Product Family


Access200 Reader

Access200™ for interior locations


The Access200™ product family offers advanced access control security features in an affordable, compact, and sleek design. Authorized users can effortlessly enter areas protected by Access200™ units because the strength of biometrics ensures high confidence in the identity of the person at the door. The system provides flexible security options to meet the most complex needs. In its most secure mode, Access200™ offers multi-factor security requiring something you have, something you know, and something you are for each user.

Products include:

• Access200™

• Access200w™

Access200w reader for outside use.

Access200W™ for exterior applications

Capabilities & Features

• Includes High Assurance Boot

• AES encryption for all data at rest

• Physical tamper and liveness detection

• TLS 1.2 for network communication


• Identification (indoor and outdoor)

• Verification (indoor and outdoor)

• Enrollment


• Iris or face biometric

• Configurable PIN pad

• External card reader connection for 2 factor authentication