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The Access200™ offers advanced access control security features in an affordable, compact, and sleek design. Authorized users can effortlessly enter areas protected by Access200™ units because the strength of the iris biometric ensures high confidence in the identity of the person at the door. The system can be used without touching it or even getting too close. Users can be as far away as 12" and the motion sensing in the device will automatically activate for a read and verification. Users can keep their Gloves on, their card and phone in their pocket, and even keep their mask on while using the Access200™.


Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. All these apps are changing the way we live. For example, mobile phone apps are replacing old-fashioned keys and keycards, since just about every adult carries a phone. We’re already seeing conversion from keys and cards, to phones on college campuses. Whether we are using them at our front doors, in our cars, in the classroom, or at the cash register. We are contstantly reaching for our card or phone to gain access. With the COVID-19 virus, the less you have to touch your card or phone, the better of you are in the long run.


Princeton Identity’s patented Iris on the Move™ (IOM) technology lets users quickly get verified and moving forward to their next activity. Using iris identification and face capture, the Access200™ device can capture and verify a user within approximately 2 seconds from reading the iris or face.


COVID-19 has changed the way we move about our daily lives. Public surfaces are becoming a lot less inviting to touch. The takeaway – don’t touch surfaces that lots of other people touch. And, if you do, wash your hands. Many of the technologies we use to access secure doors, or pay for our meals, include touching something that others have touched as well. Whether it is a fingerprint verification device, card reader or phone reader, we are dealing with a very germ filled device. With the touchless Access200™ Iris reader, you no longer have to touch anything. You can also leave your mask, gloves and glasses on. The ability to still have access to the doors you need without having to remove your protective clothing, keeps everyone safe.