Access200™ Series

The Access200™ Series is an advanced access control reader that connects to your existing access control system. It has been built on PI’s patented Iris on the MoveTM (IOM) technology. Using iris identification, face capture, and other biometrics, the Access200™ offers multifactor capabilities using PIN via a built-in touchscreen. For traditional proximity readers, the unit allows easy integration with your existing security system via Wiegand communications.

The Access200W™ provides the same IOM technologies for outdoor use. Sunlight, clouds, rain or shine, the Access200W™ can give you the access you need without compromise.

Each unit is powered via 24VDC or PoE+. The 200 Series integrates into the IDS appliance for centralized biometric management. The Access200 readers have a convenient, intuitive interface giving the user a fast and frictionless experience for verification and enrollment.

When the Access200™ is used for Credential Verification, the response time is typically less than 2 seconds.

When the Access200™ is used in Enrollment mode, the typical enrollment time is less than 10 seconds.


Access600™ Series

The Access600™ The IOM Access600e™ is a fast, high-quality iris and face biometric capture device designed for integration into a variety of application solutions. The device has a modern look with stylish curves and a frameless design. Unlike traditional high-quality enrollment devices, the Access600e accommodates a wide range of subject heights. Simply look toward the device screen to collect iris and face samples during the enrollment process.

Access600e has been integrated with passport scanners, fingerprint capture devices, badge readers, and other sensors to make complete application solutions. It is the perfect High Capacity enrollment device when you need to capture a large number of people quickly.

Typical enrollment time with the Access600™ is approximately 2 seconds.

IDS Series Appliance

IDS Series Appliance

The IDS Applicance runs the scalable software platform for identity management through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface and an open, secure REST API. The platform provides a set of core services that includes multimodal and multi-factor biometric identification, including iris, face and PINs. The IDS Series manages PI’s access and enrollment readers that include the IOM Access200™, Access200e™, Access200W™ and the Access600e™.

We also have a version of the Appliance that can be run on a virtual server. The virtual server can run on premise or run in the cloud.